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Welcome to our news and media page. Here we will post all the latest goings on at the Multi-Sound Monthly Rehearsal Studio complex, along with other interesting music news.

New room fit-outs

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

During the past 3 months, we have completely re-built and remodelled 4 of our premier Private Monthly Music Studios. Most recently completed, Suite 106 and Suite 202, have been upgraded to include adjustable-tilt acoustic ceiling clouds in addition to other strategically mounted sound panels. Suites N-204 and N-105 (located in the North Wing annex) have seen the additions of corner-mounted bass-traps, along with various acoustic wall-treatments including Sonex, Auralex, and SoniqTrim. Generally, improvements and studio-upgrades are a necessary and continuing effort and can most effectively be done on a teamwork-basis, where our sound technicians can collaborate with the individual producers and musicians who occupy each individual space. This, of course, helps to ensure that the sonic improvements achieved will best suit the requirements of each of our artists in residence.

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