Multi-Sound Studios, New York’s original monthly sound studio rental complex, attracts artists of all description.  Not just musicians, but all manner of industry professionals who find that having their very own private 24/7 studio is the ideal way to foster their careers.



Multi-Sound Studios is a popular facility for music producers because it is a New York studio space of renown, with great facilities and a vibe of creativity.  With a full-time studio, and 24/7 access, producers can spend as much time as they need, perfecting their productions, without ever watching the clock.  Not only that, but you are bound to bump into artists and other producers in the hallways, leading to all kinds of unexpected synergies and collaborations.



With rooms of varying sizes to accommodate all types and styles of bands, Multi-Sound Studios is the engine room for collaborative musical creativity.  With 24/7 access, bands find they can make all kinds of flexible arrangements.  For example, the songwriting partnership within a band can get together and the rest of the band can turn up later to jam on the new songs.  Rhythm sections can work it until it’s tight, while the front line head out for a coffee.  Best of all, you can make as much noise as you like all day and all night, without bothering the neighbors.



Finding a quiet spot in the middle of one of the world’s biggest and oldest cities is not easy.  That is why we set up Multi-Sound Studios in the first place, way back in the 70s.  Our smaller rooms can accommodate solo instrumentalists or small ensembles who just need a place to blast out their sound.  Often a band or producer in a room down the corridor might see an instrumentalist moving in and end up asking them to jam on a track.  Multi-Sound Studios is a hive of musical creativity.



Not every DJ wants to spend their entire life monitoring through headphones.  These days, DJ set-ups can include a whole array of professional music production equipment, best suited to being referenced through speakers, to get the vibe, compare sounds and give the ears a break.  Many DJs also end up producing their own albums or collaborating with other artists.  So, a sound-isolated, purpose-built rehearsal and production space is ideal.  Somewhere you can leave all your gear set up and come and go at any time.



Recording, mixing and mastering with digital musical equipment is a powerful medium that can create amazing results, from pop songs to movie soundtracks.  Engineers can take on a huge variety of projects and complete them using just their own equipment.  Having a 24/7 set-up means being able to tweak as much as you like without watching the clock.  Whether it be a mixing project, mastering, post production, tracking or even teaching/learning, engineers find Multi-Sound Studios an ideal place to work.



Managers can have a permanent place for any of their acts to come and rehearse, meet, jam or do business.  Depending on your style of management and the kinds of acts you deal with, you might like to have a permanent set-up for auditioning or showcasing.  Or you may like to be involved in the creative side and invite your acts in to workshop songs or develop a show.  With no shortage of producers and other artists within the complex, your opportunities will expand.



Record labels, like managers, have a need for a permanent location for their acts to write, record and rehearse.  For a very low monthly rental, you can set up shop with a full compliment of gear to allow any of your acts to get in and make some sounds.  Multi-Sound Studios has had many a label over the years using our facilities to nurture their talent, or prepare for an upcoming recording session or tour.



The perfect place to audition, produce and refine your act is in a rehearsal space.  Since you have the keys all day and night, you can even make it a place to come back to after a gig to debrief or rework ideas.  Great for your image too, to let people know you have a private music studio on hand, especially in such an esteemed complex as Multi-Sound Studios.



You may have numerous acts of all styles on your books and you have plenty of gigs available to them, but they live all over the place, around New York.  Multi-Sound Studios can be your centrally-located all day and all night available rehearsal space and meeting place for all your bands to polish up and prepare for their shows.  With so many other producers and engineers in the same building complex, everyone is bound to find resources and opportunities to network, record, promote and grow.



An often time-consuming process, here at Multi-Sound Studios, you can have your very own totally custom set-up to take all the time you need to get that perfect master recording.  Plenty of our rooms have been filled with state-of-the-art recording and mastering tools, churning out recordings of all styles.



Another time-consuming, but very critical aspect of the audio production process, is editing – especially these days with digital electronic music.  Pay-by-the-hour facilities become restrictive and prohibitively expensive if you wish to refine your edits to perfection.  With monthly sound space rentals, you can take all the time you need, whenever you need it.  You might also have your setup configured for more than one audio editor to ‘hot seat’ the setup and get more editing done.



Our monthly rental sound studios can be configured with a separate vocal booth or instrument recording room.  This way, a total recording studio setup can be yours.  For anything that requires sound isolation, this is a great option.  Other people simply record straight in to their desk or computer sound card, so have no need for an isolation booth.  Either way, Multi-Sound Studios facilitates great recording 24/7.  Take a break at any time.  Book artists whenever they are available without ever having to worry about studio availability – it’s all yours whenever you need it.



The standard setup of one of our Multi-Sound rooms is perfect for rehearsals.  Keep it simple, plug in your instruments and play.  It’s how most bands come up with their best music – jamming together without a care in the world.  No one is watching the clock and you can take a break and head down the road for coffees and food at any time.  Monthly studio rentals makes the most sense for any New York band wishing to make a name for itself.  The rehearsal room is the engine room of creativity and perfecting your style and sound.



Being among New York’s top aspiring industry professionals provides ample opportunity to network.  With such a broad mix of talent hiring out rooms in our complex, the synergies are always going to exist.  Be a part of the thriving New York music scene by staking your claim on your own private studio space.  We are always on the lookout for links and resources to tell our people about, so just let us know, once you have settled in, that you are open to some networking opportunities and we will try to open the door for you.

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