Private Monthly Music Studio Suites – $450–$700/month

Custom designed, sound-isolated music studios and rehearsal spaces for rock bands, production teams, agents & managers, music teachers and recording facilities.  Centrally located, safe & secure in the prime area of Whitestone, Queens.

STUDIOS DONE RIGHT – Modern custom-designed rooms:

  • High security with 24hr access in the finest location
  • A superb upscale neighborhood in a highly exclusive area
  • Far more desirable than any other facility in the New York Metro area.

Studio Manager is DAN – Phone:  347–356–4838

And your own private 24-hour music studio is waiting.  Maybe it’s about time you swing by and pick up your set of keys…

  • Newly constructed modern music studio suites with full access, 24/7
  • Acoustically designed and ready for your own custom sound installation
  • Unlimited studio time for band rehearsals, DJs, production or recording
  • 56 rooms, established 30 years; safe & secure in a much better area!

For the grand tour please call DAN:  347–356–4838

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The Multi-Sound Studio Complex is 100% dedicated to all aspects of the professional music business and recording industry, offering extensive networking opportunities for bands, labels, agents, producers, managers, solo artists and recording facilities.

Other various room amenities can include:

  • Ceiling fan
  • Wall-to-wall carpeting
  • Rooftop skylight
  • Ambient dimmable track-light systems
  • Ceiling-mounted speaker hangers
  • Control window/vocal booth
  • Wall-unit shelving systems
  • Customized acoustic wall treatments

Please contact us for any further information.