Although the NYC Multi-Sound studio complex currently contains 56 private monthly music rehearsal sound studios, we continue to construct new custom-designed rehearsal and recording rooms whenever time and space allow.  Average music studio rooms vary from 150 to 220 sq. ft, typically suitable for band rehearsals up to 6-piece, or music production teams with audio recording equipment and complete wiring installations.  Costs are kept extremely low, ranging from $400 to $650 per month; typically half the average general New York City rates.  We also design custom studio spaces to accommodate soundproof vocal booths and isolated control room areas where necessary.  Upon completion, all music rooms are presented clean and professional, offering the greatest flexibility for your own creative design and customization.

A private music rehearsal studio here in the Multi-Sound building keeps you in direct contact with numerous music recording professionals engaged in all facets of the music industry.  You are in a professional studio environment working alongside many high-level music industry players on a daily basis.

All private monthly music studio rooms are sound-isolated and feature full-access, 24/7, unlimited studio time with no restrictions.  Due to the volume of rooms and industry activity in the facility, monthly rental costs are kept extremely low.  We offer room rates well below the current market value of standard commercial spaces found anywhere in the New York City (NYC) metro area.


For over 30 years, THE MULTI-SOUND GROUP has remained the base of operations where hundreds of artists & industry professionals gather daily to collaborate, create, perform and produce.

Multi-Sound Studios has now grown to encompass 3 buildings in the beautiful prime area of Whitestone, Queens.  The entire facility, which now contains 56 individual music studios, is 100% dedicated to the music production industry, containing an essential mix of all branches of the business.  We cater EXCLUSIVELY to producers, recording studios, professional bands, agents & managers, mastering suites and record labels.  This has always been our policy.

When you’re ready to customize your own creative environment and take full control of your own private music studio; or when you’re ready to record your next project here in the New York tri-state area, please give us a call; we’d appreciate the opportunity to give you the ‘Grand Tour’ and show you the inner workings of the entire studio complex.

Good artistic teamwork and forging the right connections are key to propelling your career up to the next level.  You are now in the company of the finest group of industry professionals all working together towards the same common goal and seeking to maximize your publicity, promotion, exposure and success.

Please contact us for any further information.